As we celebrate day two of Extreme Nazarene Mission’s 10 day celebration of 10 years, the focus turns to Extreme’s work in Arequipa, Peru.  Five years ago this week we began our twenty-eight months in Peru. Extreme and the Stringers (and our whole team) shared a first in Arequipa–our first church […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Arequipa – A Shared First (Day ...

The Stringer family recently celebrated five years of service with Extreme Nazarene Missions.  What an amazing adventure it has been (so far):  Three church plants in three countries (Peru, Ecuador, Argentina), mentoring, guiding, and supporting twenty-nine church-pla nting missionaries, hosting and/or leading fifteen short-term teams representing over three-h undred short-term […]

Extreme 10 for 10: 5 Years is Our Whole of ...

This is a picture of my family in a taxi at 12:20am last night. The girls are wearing My Little Pony masks they got as toys in their meal at McDonalds’. This taxi ride was returning home after arriving at said McDonald’s at around 11:30pm. Not only was it open, […]

Mickey D’s at Midnight

As you hopefully saw in yesterday’s blog post, we arrived safely here in Quito the day before yesterday.  The original plan was to have the seminary as a landing place as we look for a home here in Quito, where we planned to live for years.  We also planned on […]

Just When We Think We Have Things Figured Out….

Since May, the Stringers have been hopping! The extra eight weeks we had in the States weren’t what we planned, but we can totally see the hand of God in the change. The short version is that we went to North Arkansas District Assembly, North Arkansas Kids Camp, Nazarene Youth […]

July 15 – Where in the World are the Stringers?

As we are less than two weeks from the first short-term project of the year, we are growing more and more excited.  This isn’t just any short-term team, this is a college team of students primarily from Olivet Nazarene University and Trevecca Nazarene University.  The energy, passion, and excitement that […]

We’re So Excited, and We Just Can’t Hide It!

What do the numbers 309, 1035, 7509, 929, 2451 and 617 have in common? Anyone?…  Anyone? They are numbers that give one picture of the scope and effectiveness of the four short-term teams that Anndee and I had the privilege of leading last year. These numbers tell part of the […]

More Than Numbers

Update (April 10th):  We are currently at 49%.  Praise the Lord as he provided some movement last week. 3% is great, but at this rate we will only be at 61% funded when we need to return to South America.  Please pray with us, that the Lord’s will would be done, […]

Update: Giving…Going…Will be Gone!

Where are we today?  While I normally might not know what day it is, I usually know where in the world I am.  Today Chris and I are in central Arkansas. This afternoon we had our District License Renewal interview with the North Arkansas District Credentials Board.  The board will recommend […]

Interviews, Self-Doubt and Identity in Christ