Update on the Stringers’ Return to NWA 1

For those of you who didn’t see our announcement earlier in the week, we’ve had a change in plans.

Instead of staying on in Córdoba for another two years, our family will be returning to Northwest Arkansas.  It’s time for us to shift gears and enter into a new season.  Chris will be looking for employment and I will spend the upcoming season of our lives focusing on my role of mom to our two great kids.

Click here to read our latest newsletter that talks more about these changes.

Since we made our decision to return to the US, I have discovered a health challenge.  I have a prolapsed bladder.  While this is not an emergency situation, it is a situation where my symptoms are increasing and I need to be careful not to overdo it with lifting and being on my feet. I’m still trying to figure out how to move internationally without lifting!  I know I can rely on Chris to lift, I just need to be strategic and exercise a ton of self-control.

We have been wondering whether it was in the best interest of my health to come back a few weeks sooner than planned, but a recent increase in my discomfort and the realization of what it looks like to wait an extra month, feeling like I do, led us to look into purchasing our tickets for the end of March instead of the end of April.

We had budgeted $6500 to fly our family of four from Argentina to Northwest Arkansas.  This is about the best price we’ve found in the past and in our research.  When we began looking for our tickets, the best we could find was about $7400!  Ouch!  Then I saw something about google flights and gave our search a try on their site.  We found tickets for $4600!!! Amazing! On top of that excellent price, on two of the flights the seats are in business class.  We were shocked and how good a deal it was.

As it has turned out, the airline doesn’t allow in cabin pets in business class, so the airline graciously offered us vouchers to downgrade two of our tickets to economy where they will allow the dogs to fly.

So, that leads us to the next natural question, when will we be back? Surprisingly fast! We’ll arrive in NWA on March 22nd.

Our parents are completely fine with us bringing the girls back sooner than expected and I already have a doctor’s appointment lined up and spoke to his very helpful nurse.

So, things are moving quickly, but in the midst of it, we have a peace that this is the best decision for our family.

Thank you to all who have been supportive during this time of transition.

We’ll see you soon!


In the absence of a photo of us doing a web search for flights, here’s one of Juliana directing a fountain downtown on a family outing.

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  • Kathy Polk

    So excited for NWA to have the added blessing of the Stringer’s. Each of you are precious. I am sorry to hear about your health challenges, but trust the Lord has His plan at work in all of it and it brings you all home a bit sooner. Praise the Lord! Bob and I will continue to pray for you guys!

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