Extreme 10for10: Manta Church Plant (Day 9)

As we near the end of the 10for10 videos celebrating Extreme’s 10 year anniversary, the focus shifts to our newest church plant in Manta, Ecuador.

When we went to help with Extreme’s booths at NYC in July of last year, the team was praying specifically that we would find the cluster coordinator couple for the Manta team.  Those prayers were answered when Chris ran into Tim as he worked the Archery Tag booth and David had some wonderful conversations with Rebekah at the main Extreme booth.

Tim and Rebekah are now the Cluster Coordinators for the team in Manta.  God is building up a church community out of the rubble of the earthquake that caused so much devastation in Ecuador earlier this year.

Enjoy the story of how God’s working in Manta!


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