Extreme 10 for 10: More Than 40 40/40s! (Day 7)

Extreme Nazarene Missions exists to send and support our 40/40 Church Planting missionaries.  For some, that means that they don’t get to work on a daily basis with them. Each position that Anndee and I have held within Extreme over the past five years have all been in the realm of working with these fantastic people directly in one way one another.  We have either been Cluster Coordinators, living and working alongside the 40/40 missionaries, or we have been leading short-term teams, ministering alongside them for two weeks at a time.  We see a bright future for the church in young leaders such as these.  Their persistence, boldness, courage, patience, care, ability and willingness to overcome all form of obstacles, problems, and attacks are contagious and inspiring.

Over the past five years, we have had the privilege of working for at least some length of time with around forty-five 40/40s in three countries.  We have celebrated with them in victories and cried with them in their defeats, struggles, losses, and difficult times.  These missionaries have continued through personal health issues, deaths of immediate family members, diagnosis of diseases received by immediately family members, and much more.

We do our job so that they can excel at theirs.

What an amazing opportunity for Anndee and I.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Hopefully, our lives honor and serve these wonderful people each day in some small way.  They are those in the ministry doing the most difficult work.  They are the ones on the front lines.  People like Anndee and I are blessed to come alongside them and make sure they are supported, encouraged, healthy, and have the resources they need to be successful.

Join us in 10for10 day seven as we honor and celebrate this amazing group of young people.



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