Extreme 10 for 10: Córdoba! Our home! (Day 6)

The first five videos in the 10for10 campaign to celebrate 10 years of Extreme Nazarene Missions have been a great trip down memory lane for us and a look towards our future as part of the admin team for the Southern Cone Field.

But today’s video…it’s where God has brought our hearts and lives right now.  This is a peek into the ministry that God has called us to in this place, in this time.

If you miss us, we want you to know that we love and miss you, too.  But watch this video and see who God is ushering into His kingdom because we are here to support the phenomenal work of Dámaris, Rachel, Juan, Dani, Brooke and Ashley under the leadership of our wonderful pastors.  He is working through our team to break into the lives of many.

So, please watch this and celebrate with us.  Thank you to all of you who have traded “go out for coffee” friendships for facebook friendships, who are praying for us, who are supporting us financially and through encouragement, who are loving and caring for our friends and family in tangible ways that we can’t.

Thank you for being the body of Christ with us.

So, watch and rejoice with us!

Chris & Anndee



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