Extreme 10 for 10: Ibarra, Ecuador (Day 5)

The city of Ibarra, Ecuador will always have a place in the hearts, minds, and prayers of the Stringer family.  Anndee and I had the honor of leading four different short-term teams in Ibarra, two in 2014 and two in 2015.

Those teams in 2014 provided momentum and lasting impact in the foundation and beginning of the Ibarra church.  The pastors and missionaries easily caught that vision.  As a result, short term teams were welcomed with open arms and provided an injection of  human, monetary and ministerial resources, as well as energy and encouragement for the Ibarra church plant

One of Extreme’s most creative and successful short term events to date was a breakdance competition organized and sponsored by Puerta Abierta Ibarra.  In July of 2014, we had hundreds of people watch the competition and then also hear a Christian music concert and presentation of the Gospel message.  (The header image of this post is the group who helped put on the competition.)

The city is beautiful, and people very welcoming, and the pastoral/local leadership are solid and strong.  The future of the church plant is bright, and we are honored to have been a part of it in some small way.

Another link of our hearts to Ibarra is Heyner, one of our 40/40 missionaries in Arequipa.  He elected to continue with Extreme as a 40/40 church planter in Ibarra.  It was a great honor to work alongside him in those short term projects as well.

I hope you are encouraged and challenged by the Ibarra video.  Blessings.



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