Extreme 10 for 10: Admin and the Stringers’ Future (Day 4)

In today’s 10 for 10 video, celebrating Extreme Nazarene Missions’ ten years of service, the focus is on our administrative team.  Our admin team works to provide a foundation of logistics, finance, well-being, mobilization, short term trips, construction and more, so the church planting teams can truly focus on the mission of growing a church of leaders in their service city.

The admin team works through the officers of Operations, Finance, Church Planting, Mobilization, Messaging and Donor Development to provide a structure to find, equip, deploy and support our church planting teams.

Each of the fields mirror the field designations of the Church of the Nazarene in South America and has it’s own admin team that manage the Extreme church plants on their field.  The Field Offices are structured with a Field Manager and a team that covers the logistics for Mobilization of South American church planters, Short Term Mission Project Planning, Construction, Well-Being, Messaging and Finance.

This leads us to an announcement for the Stringer Family!

Chris and I have been offered positions as part of the Southern Cone Field Admin Team as our next step in missions.  We will work under the leadership of our Field Manager, along with one of our Córdoba 40/40s who is continuing on to form the Southern Cone Field Admin Team.  We’re excited to use our experience here in Argentina and in our previous roles of Cluster Coordinator and Short Term Missions to further the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.  Chris will be the Short Term Missions Coordinator and the Construction Coordinator.  I will be the Finance Coordinator.

We are excited at the prospect of staying here with a church that we love and Pastors that are our family-away-from-family.  It will also be nice not to move to a new country in April of next year, as we originally thought would be the case.  We are all looking forward to settling in here in Córdoba for at least two more years.  All of this to say, Lord willing, as often His plans for us seem to get us to the place where we’re ready for something else He has planned that we couldn’t have foreseen at the beginning.  “Blessed are the flexible for they shall bend and not break!”

We would love to come to the States for Christmas and to share how God is working in Córdoba and about our new roles face to face with as many of you as we can.  In order to come at Christmas this year, which is super-important to our kiddos (we haven’t been “home” for Christmas since 2013), we need to raise extra funds for our flights.  If you are interested in partnering with us for our next steps in Extreme or specifically for “Operation Home for Christmas,” please email us at cstringer@extremenazarene.org or visit our Support Page for more information.

We are very excited to join the Admin team full time next year and hope you enjoy the following video of our friends and co-workers.



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