Extreme 10 for 10: Arequipa – A Shared First (Day 2)

stringers-oct2011-1As we celebrate day two of Extreme Nazarene Mission’s 10 day celebration of 10 years, the focus turns to Extreme’s work in Arequipa, Peru.  Five years ago this week we began our twenty-eight months in Peru.

Extreme and the Stringers (and our whole team) shared a first in Arequipa–our first church plant in the new model.  Instead of coordinating the home life of five pairs of missionaries who were each working to start three preaching points (the first model Extreme used in Peru), we would be coordinating a team of leaders to work together to plant one church in the center of the city.

With our team of church planters, we all learned how to be missionaries together.  We learned to speak Spanish.  We learned how to fight spiritual battles for the hearts of our contacts.  We learned how to cook for twenty people on a regular basis.  We learned how to nurse our team back from illness and injury.  We learned how to host short term missionary teams. We learned so much more than I can even express.

Here’s Extreme’s day two video, focusing on the work in Arequipa, Peru.  Fernanda and her mom, Patricia and brother Santiago were our host family for our first month in Peru.  We are SO proud of how Fernanda is still leading in the Puerta Abierta church.