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What do the numbers 309, 1035, 7509, 929, 2451 and 617 have in common?

Anyone?…  Anyone?

They are numbers that give one picture of the scope and effectiveness of the four short-term teams that Anndee and I had the privilege of leading last year. These numbers tell part of the story of the fruit of the hard work of our missionaries who live in the cities of Ambato and Ibarra, Ecuador and the corresponding efforts of the roughly 160 short-term missionaries who served there.  Here is how the numbers break down:

2014 Totals
4 Projects
160 Short-Term Missionaries
New Decisions for Christ: 309
New Contacts: 1035
Impact Hours: 7509
Construction Hours: 929
Prayer Hours: 2451
Medical Patients Seen: 617
What an impact on these two cities.  The new decisions for Christ happened in church services, street evangelism events, martial arts demonstrations, evangelistic film showings, children’s events, a breakdance competition, events that featured the use of mime and drama, as well as the ministry of prayer during these outreach events. The impact hours occurred in these types of events as well.
The construction hours took place during our the team that came to Ambato in October.
Prayer times included our prayer adventure, in which we spend part of the first ministry day of each project to cover the city in prayer.  It is also daily prayer times in the morning, and our Tuesday 4am-6am prayer sessions that happen weekly in Extreme.  The medical patients were seen during our Love Extreme event in July, and includes people from Ibarra and Ambato, as we split our time in that project between the two cities.
The beauty of this is that this does not tell the whole story.  It does not speak of the involvement of the leaders that are in the training and equipping process alongside our missionaries. In all of those projects, local leaders were involved in planning and execution of the events on some level.  It does not speak to the number of new in-home Bible studies opened as a result of these projects, or the exponential fruit these will bear.
Those 309 new decisions for Christ and the 1035 new contacts were all contacted and followed up on.  In some of these cases, the visit from that followup opened to the door to others in the household or family to come to know Christ as well.  The reaching effects of these numbers will never be fully realized until we reach eternity.

Trevecca Nazarene Students in Ibarra, Ecuador. May 2014

This is what we do.  This is why we do it.  Praise the Lord for this fruit.  Pray with us that it will be fruit that lasts.
Also, please read the story of Jody on the Extreme Nazarene Missions blog.  She’s one of the 160 short-term missionaries that came on a project this year.  It gives a glimpse of our desire to not only make a difference in South America, but that the people under our care and leadership can return home and bring Christ to their homes, cities and churches in new and revitalized ways.
Thanks and Blessings.
Chris and Anndee

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