Update: Giving…Going…Will be Gone!

Update (April 10th):  We are currently at 49%.  Praise the Lord as he provided some movement last week. 3% is great, but at this rate we will only be at 61% funded when we need to return to South America.  Please pray with us, that the Lord’s will would be done, and that his timing and provision would be perfect.  Our ability to move to South America and settle in is key to the short-term department’s success going forward.  The Lord needs to do a great miracle, financially, so we are free to lead short-term projects and bless both the short-term missionaries and the missionaries and locals on the field.  Thank you.

Greetings everyone.  As most of you should know, the Stringer family has signed a two-year renewal to continue our ministry within the Short-Term Department of Extreme Nazarene Missions.  My title is Short-Term Missions Manager and Anndee’s is Short-Term Missions Communications Coordinator.  We manage the Short-Term Missions Department, casting vision, planning for the future, budgeting for projects and running logistics and communications form all Short-Term Missions projects in South America with Extreme.  We are in the States right now, fundraising for this next phase.  In May, we will return to Ecuador and find a home in Quito, the capital city.  Our total need for the two years is around $144,000.  That may seem like a lot, and for good reason.  It is.  When you consider setting up a house, flights, etc. it really adds up quick.  What things constitute that total?  What types of things do we spend that money on?  Below is a pie chart that helps explain in a broad sense what that looks like.  The good news?  We are currently at 46% of that total.  The miracle that God has to do in the next six weeks?  Provide the remaining 54%.

April Blog Post Pie Chart

If you are currently supporting us monthly, we are very grateful.  Would you consider increasing your monthly pledge? If you gave a one-time donation or supported us monthly previously, but are not currently, we are also very grateful for your contribution.  Would you consider beginning again a monthly pledge?  Or giving another one-time donation? If you have never partnered with us financially, is now the time the Lord is prompting you to come alongside us?  Do you want to give towards something that is exciting and bearing much fruit?  That is what you do when you give to those working with Extreme. Our cost of living increased from Arequipa, Peru to Ambato, Ecuador, and will increase again as we move to Quito, Ecuador this year.  Please consider coming alongside us or increasing your monthly pledge.   You can do so by visiting www.extremenazarene.org/stringer to make a one-time donation or set up monthly donations by debit or credit card.  If you choose to come alongside us as a partner, please let us know so that we can document things appropriately.


Break Dance competition in Ibarra, Ecuador 2014.

We are very excited to help plan for and execute seven short-term teams this year in the cities of Ibarra, Ecuador (4 teams), Cordoba, Argentina (2 teams) and Antofagasta, Chile (1 team).  We know that the Lord is going to do great things in and through the 125 or so short-term missionaries those teams will represent.  I am in the process of firming up the calendar for 2016 as well. We know that God is going to do great things in the cities where they serve, blessing the ministry of our church-planting missionaries.

Come alongside us and see what God can do as we all act in obedience. The harvest field is ripe in South America.  We are some of the harvest workers that the Lord of the Harvest has sent out into his harvest field.


Chris and Anndee Stringer