Big News!

Family, Friends, and Ministry Partners,

We are happy to announce some big news!  (No, we are not expecting, but our family in Ecuador is growing, so to speak!)

Our news pertains to our job function within Extreme.  As you already know, Anndee and I have been serving in our new roles as the Short-Term Volunteer Manager and Short-Term Volunteer Assistant since January.  That will not change.  Where we serve and the addition of some responsibilities is changing. 

Recently, the Cluster Coordinator couple in the city of Ambato, Ecuador had to leave their job post and are not returning.  This created a vacancy in this vital role within the structure of our church-planting model.  This is the role we served in while in Arequipa, Peru in 2011-2013.  

Our family will move directly to Ambato to support the Ambato church planting team (while continuing our roles in Short Term Missions) until they finish in mid-February of 2015.  Then we will transition to Quito and continue our ministry with short-term missions from the Extreme Center-Quito.

Ambato is a city of 175,000 and is about 3 hours south of Quito by car or bus on the Pan-American Highway.  It is a similar climate to Quito, and is about 8,500 feet in elevation.  The church is going strong and we are very excited to help this team of missionaries finish well as they pass on the church to the care and leadership of the pastor, his wife, and the Ambateño church members there.

There are seven church-planting missionaries there currently AmbatoTeamserving without a Cluster Coordinator couple to provide the guidance, stability, support, and encouragement that the cluster coordinators are designed to provide.  We will move directly into the house where the missionaries live currently when we arrive.  The girls will attend school in Ambato beginning in the fall.

This team is very special to us, as the whole team came through Arequipa for training: the North Americans for almost six months for language and missionary training and the Ecuadorians for almost two months.  We are very excited about the opportunity to serve in this way and use the experience we gained in Arequipa to care for another team of young people.  

We have a target date of mid-June to move to Quito and our urgency to get on the field has only increased.  The longer the team is without a Cluster Coordinator couple in Ambato, the longer they are going without the support and guidance they need to be healthy church planters.

We really need to be on the ground, fully-funded, by no later than July 1st.

Everyone in Extreme is donor funded.  We don’t get a salary from the Church of the Nazarene.  Will you join us in helping fund this journey?

So many have come alongside us as partners.  For that we are very grateful.  However, we have a long way to go.  We are only at about 51% funded and lack around $23,000 in one-time expenses and $1,900 a month in monthly support.  That is right.  We need $68,905 pledged and/or given before we can purchase our plane tickets.  

We believe it is possible with the Lord’s timing and provision.  We have a team that needs us on the ground.  We need a team to support us to be able to support the missionaries.

Please pray about joining us.


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