It’s Thursday Afternoon. Do You Know Where My Husband Is?

I realize that it’s been a month since our last post.  So much has happened since then.  So, this is a catch up post.  I’d like to update you on our support-raising progress, the girls, life, and where in the world Chris is.

First of all, a quick reminder of what’s up with us in general.  Chris, the girls and I are living in Rogers, Arkansas on home assignment.  We finished our two year term as Cluster Support Coordinators in Arequipa, Peru.  We have begun our new assignment with Extreme Nazarene Missions from Arkansas while we raise support for our next assignment.  Chris’s new role with Extreme Nazarene Missions is Short Term Volunteer Manager and I’m on his team, focusing on communications.  Chris is responsible for overseeing the team that does the logistics and planning for short term mission trips to all the church plants Extreme has in South America.  We’re planning to move to Quito, Ecuador in June to work out of the Extreme Center, Quito.  We’re looking forward to moving to Ecuador because it’s been tricky planning projects in South America from Arkansas.

Because we are Mission Corps missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene, we are 100% donor supported.  Currently, we are 42% funded and have to be 100% before we can move.  It’s a big deal and can be intimidating until God gently (and continuously) reminds me that He has called us to South America and has made provision for meeting the needs that call creates.

Are you part of God’s plans for us to support church planting in South America?  Please join our support team.  Click here for more information.

That’s the big picture for us.  On a an everyday note…

IMG_9572Genna has finished her semester at Providence Classical Christian Academy and we’re very proud of how well she’s done during this transition time.  In the last three years she’s started US 2nd grade, homeschooled a couple of months, startedIMG_3130 and completed Peruvian 1st grade, homeschooled US 2nd & 1st half of 3rd grade and now finished 3rd grade at a rally great school.  Whew!  At her end-of-year awards ceremony, her teacher recognized her for her character quality of “Enthusiasm.”  This is the third time she’s been recognized for her enthusiasm and it certainly fits her character.  Also, I recognize her great flexibility as she has sailed through the transitions of the last three years remarkably well.

Juliana is attending preschool two days a week at His House Preschool.  She is creative and vivacious and definitely spunky. She and her Popie are working hard at fitting two years of snuggles into the next few weeks.  They’ve really become buddies during our home assignment.  She’s still sometimes confused when people speak Spanish to her here.  I think for her “English-land” and “Spanish-land” are supposed to stay on opposite ends of an airplane trip.

Life is pretty hectic during this transition.  Chris and I have been doing our jobs for Short Term Missions in South America from here since January.  We’ve been traveling quite a bit to share how God’s been working in South America through Extreme Nazarene Missions and meeting with potential supporters.  Also, because we are district licensed and pursuing ordination in the Church of the Nazarene, we must take classes to meet the educational requirements.  We both took a class for six weeks in January and February.  Currently, I’m in the fourth week of another six week class on the Pentateuch.  (It’s really fascinating.)  Finally, as we draw close to our departure goal, I’m starting to organize for packing everything up into eight suitcases again and make sure we have everything lined out with our important documents, traveling with our dog, Lucy, and more.So, it’s Thursday afternoon.  Do you know where my husband is?

I do!  (That’s a relief, huh?)

Chris is in Ecuador leading a Short Term Team.  Each May, we have a team made of College students come down to South America and work alongside our 40/40 church planting missionaries.  Since we have two church p
lants in Ecuador that are only a few hours apart, the short term team has spent the first part of their trip ministering with our church planting team in Ibarra, Ecuador.  Yesterday, they traveled to Ambato, Ecuador and will finish the rest of their time working with the church plant in Ambato.  I am in charge of communications for the project (from Arkansas) and that has proven to be a bit tricky, but I’m glad I still get to be a part of the project in this way.

Chris sent me this recap of the team’s time in Ibarra:


Chris and the May Short Term Team after 4am prayer.


Our four days in Ibarra were absolutely fantastic. The connection that the short-term team made with the six 40/40s we have on the ground in Ibarra right now was immediate and profound. The bond that is created by the fact that we are brothers and sisters in Christ helped overcome language and cultural differences. It was such an honor to work alongside the church-planting team there and to see how hard they worked, and how much fruit came of their labor. Kurtis and Emily Strunk and Chase Howard took the reins for most of the project, and they set a very high standard for our future projects in Ibarra and for our time here in Ambato.

We witnessed first-hand an impact on the 40/40s, the pastoral family, the city of Ibarra, and the physical church building, and the short-term team itself.   When all of those happen, we can call it a success.

Visit the Extreme Short Term Missions page to follow the rest of the project!

We are so grateful for those of you who have hosted us, loved on us, encouraged us, prayed for us and joined our support team during the last five months.

Thank you!