Peter, James, John and Ecuador 1

So, three weeks ago when I posted about our needed funds for Ecuador, I really struggled.

I really struggled because it’s a big number.  I know without a doubt that I have a great big God who can totally handle something as simple as a support-raising goal.

But I felt self-conscious.

I’ve gone over the budget we’ve been given over and over again, looking for ways to cut or trim…anything to make the big number smaller.  But try as I might, I cannot make it cost nothing for my family of four to move to Ecuador.

Then God weighed in on the matter.

During Sunday night service the next day, I felt a question in my spirit.  “Why are you self-conscious about a need in your life created by MY call?”  Then, true to His drive-the-point-home fashion, God has continued to speak to me on the issue of what it’s going to cost for my family to serve God where He has called us to serve.

It’s really interesting to “consider the cost” or to “count the cost.”  In so many ways (actually all the ways but one), counting the cost has nothing to do with money.  It has to do with changing my expectations and yielding my will.  Moving to Ecuador means giving up things I expected to be a part of my life and gaining things God has planned for me that I cannot even imagine… Just like the costs you have to count when you decide whether or not to obey God’s particular call for your life.

Throughout my life, God has steadily asked me time and time again if I will choose His way or my way.  I’d love to report that I always choose His way, but I’m definitely a work in progress.  As I work this lesson out in my life, especially through the last two and a half years, God has shown me countless times the peace that comes from choosing His way, His timing, His plans.

Recently I have had a lot of training in trusting God for His plan.  Yesterday morning, good old Oswald Chambers really spoke into my situation from My Utmost for His Highest.  “We must recognize the difference between burdens that are right for us to bear and burdens that are wrong.”  He goes on to explain how we are relieved of our burdens when we roll them back onto God where they belong.  So, I have determined to roll the financial burden of our call back onto God.

Then, during our recent preaching time at Pea Ridge Church of the Nazarene, God spoke through Chris to me out of the passage we’ve been sharing with churches the last few weeks.

In Luke chapter 5, when Peter obeys Jesus’ command to put out the nets, a miraculous catch of fish takes place.  In light of my current struggle with self-sufficiency, I find it extremely interesting that when Peter is willing to obey, he can’t follow through on his own.  He has to actually ask for help from his friends to take in the miracle, to literally get the fish into the boat.  James and John went out to help him and when they had drug their boats up on shore, all three of them left everything to follow Jesus.  So, Peter’s act of obedience opened the door for James and John to say yes to Jesus, too.

I definitely know I’m no Peter, no rock on which to build the Church, but I do see some parallels.  Chris and I are willing to say “yes” to whatever Jesus calls us to.  For us, it means moving to Ecuador.  I wonder, though, as we are a community of believers, if you might be the James and John in our story, helping us bring in the miracle and following Jesus with us on our journey to plant churches in South America.

Friends, will you come alongside us like James and John came alongside Peter and help us take in the miracle of God’s provision for our family?  Will you join with is in prayer?  Will you join our support team?  If so, click here.

God has big plans for South America.  Will you take part with us?

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One thought on “Peter, James, John and Ecuador

  • Shannon Parker Matthews

    Andee, you and Chris are an awesome witness to what God can do when you surrender your desires to what God wants for us to do. Chris’ message yesterday hit home with my personal life. There are times I say that yes, but really don’t surrender it all. The devil really tries hard and as much as I hate to say it I cave. I am a work in progress but God has opened my eyes to see what how important it is to fully rely on Him and TRUST him for everything! God has been so good to us and yet sometimes I feel as if I don’t live up to it! Thanks for being such great friends and messengers of Christ! We love you guys and are definitely coming up along side of you in prayer and finances to take part in what God is doing in South America! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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