Halfway…but not exactly

Chris and I were talking last night about how much time we have left in the States and realized we’re just here for three more months.  I was counting it up today and we’re almost exactly halfway through our time here.  (To catch up on where we’ve been and where we’re going click here.)

Half. Way.  Wow!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and traveling, and speaking, and raising kids and reconnecting with friends and family and planning short term trips to Ecuador remotely from our home Arkansas.

But are we really halfway?

In a time sense? Yes.  Thirteen weeks down, thirteen weeks to go.

In a “to-do list” sense?  Um…that’s not a completely mathematically computable question.  That list keeps growing as fast as we can check things off of it.

In a support-raising sense? Nope.

In a soak-up-all-the-love-and-friendship-from-relationships-we’ll-miss-in-Ecuador sense?  That’s never enough, but God sustains.

One of our most important tasks while we’re in the States it to cast the vision for what God is doing through our ministry in South America and invite people to join us through prayer and financial support.  At this “halfway point” we’re not halfway there, yet.  As of today, we’re at 23% of our funding goal.

So, we’d like to invite you to join us.  Join our ministry to plant churches in South America by becoming a prayer and/or financial supporter of our ministry.

We have one-time needs like travel to the field, setting up our home, a vehicle and more.  And we have monthly needs for rent and food and the girls’ schooling and all the other things that make up everyday life.

Would you join us?  Any donation is a blessing for which we are grateful.  We cannot leave for Ecuador in June until we have our total need pledged.

We’re looking for monthly partners.  We need:

  • 30 donors for $30 a month
  • 20 donors for $50 a month
  • 10 donors for $100 a month

We’re looking for partners to help with our one-time costs of $75,000.  We’ll be breaking this down in coming blog posts, but if you’d like detailed needs in our one-time costs, please contact us.

Is God calling you to be a part of what He’s doing in South America?  Would you like to donate?

There are three ways to give:

  • Phone • 800-326-9235 • (Have type of payment ready, give to “Stringer Family”)
  • Mail • 4800 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, ID 83706 • (Make checks to “Extreme Nazarene” with memo as “Stringer Family”)
  • Online • www.extremenazarene.org/stringer • (Click Donate button and follow on-screen instructions.)

Thank you to those of you who are already partnering with us.  That first 23% is very important!

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