News and Notes – February 2014



It is time to report on our activities for the month of January (and the first weekend of February)

In this time of our lives, travel is a necessary part of our strategy to meet with churches and individuals to share what God is going with Extreme and find out how they can partner with us by going/giving/praying.  Travel is also necessary as Anndee and I are already working in our Short-Term Volunteer Management role.  That has also made room for some business- and meeting-related travel. From January 11 to Feb 3, this is what has been logged so far:

Miles Driven: 2150

Miles Walked in Quito: 110

Miles Flown: 3842

It is an honor to be able to travel and meet with so many awesome people.  We have connected with family and friends and really enjoyed it.


Upcoming Travel Schedule:

Sunday February 9: Vilonia, AR Church of the Nazarene (Chris and Anndee)

Thursday, February 13 to Monday, February 17th: Wheatley Wedding in Cincinnati, OH and speaking at Napolean, OH Church of the Nazarene

Sunday, February 23rd: to be determined

Sunday, March 2nd: Pea Ridge, AR Church of the Nazarene


If the Lord is calling you to become a ministry partner with us in a financial way, visit to make a one-time donation or set up a monthly giving plan.


We need one-time donations of $68,000 towards our start-up costs (vehicle, visas, home setup, flights, training in Cali, Columbia).

We also need monthly partners to help us with regular cost-of-living (food, housing, utilities, gas, insurance, student loans). We’re looking for 100 individuals or families to partner with us for $30 per month.

We have a great need right now for people to partner with us immediately with one-time donations to help with our expenses in these months. We must raise support for all of our travel expenses as well as our living expenses here in the States.

Immediate needs:
$430 per month for the girls’ schooling (January to May)
$300 (one-time) for classes Anndee and Chris are taking towards ordination in the Church of the Nazarene

Thank you and God bless.

Chris and Anndee Stringer