Making Plans…

So last week we announced to friends that our next ministry assignment when our Arequipa project is finished is with Extreme as Short Term Volunteer Manager in Quito, Ecuador.  I’ll write more about that in a later post.  (It’s really exciting!)

For the last couple of weeks Chris and I have been going back and forth with “what about this” or “how are we going to fit this in” or, at one point, “If we spend six weeks in Quito in February and March, what if we let Genna continue school and see if one or more of our parents would bring her to Quito for two weeks in the middle so she only misses two weeks of school and I don’t die from not seeing her for six weeks?”  After some discussion we decided it isn’t necessary for us to spend six weeks in Quito in February, but we do need to be there for about a week.

Then it gets a little complicated.  Two friends have weddings planned for February.  On two different continents.  Five days apart.  (Not to each other.)

Since we need to be in Quito in February, we can plan that to coincide with the wedding in South America.  (Maximize those plane tickets!)  The wedding’s in a city ten hours or so by bus from Quito.  The first of the two weddings is 10 or so hours by car from Rogers.  (Yay, road trip!)

So, Chris and I were talking about driving up to the first wedding on a Friday (probably without the girls), wedding on Saturday, driving back on Sunday. Then fly out on Monday  (with the girls) for Quito, arrive on Tuesday, get on a bus on Tuesday to arrive late Tuesday or early Wednesday, celebrate the second wedding on Thursday and then within a couple of days bus back to Quito to jump in with our work responsibilities for a week or more then fly back to the States.

This seems like a pretty full schedule to me.  Then Chris kept trying to figure out how to fit in some visits with friends along the route to the first wedding.  (Maximize that road trip!)  He stopped when I put it into perspective for him.

“I really think that two weddings on two different continents in five days is plenty.”

I really just feel blessed that two amazing couples from two different continents want us to celebrate with them.  And I hope I survive the trip.


We really would love to sit down with you and talk about how God is working in South America and how you could be a part of the fulfilling of the Great Commission here!  Email us at to set up a time.  We’ll be in the States from January to May 2014.  (Except for two weeks in February.)