Excuses, Excuses

What did I learn this past week? What is the Lord doing in my life? What is he doing in the lives of those under my leadership (or at least in the lives of those whom I have an impact/influence)? Those are questions that everyone should be asking themselves on a regular basis and something that I hope to post regularly on this blog. The Lord has taught me much and I have such a long way to go. So, here we go.

This past week, I learned some of how much we can let our human reason and logic impact our expectations and therefore our mood. Our average attendance numbers at Puerta Abierta have dropped in the months of November and December. Last week, we had a handful of Peruvians. To be honest, I did not have great expectations of the service last night, as it had begun to rain and we were having problems with the sound equipment and scrambled to get it working properly up until the last few minutes before the start of the service. Looking back, I should have been thinking “Wow! Things are really not going well. The devil is doing all he can do to try to prevent this service from moving forward. God sure does want to do something wonderful tonight!” Rather, I was consumed in trying to get power to the projector and thinking that few will come out due to the rain here in Arequipa. Was I wrong. We had the biggest attendance in the last 8-10 weeks. What is more, we had three new decisions for Christ and 3 people come up to receive prayer or to recommit their lives to Christ.

Service at La Puerta Abierta Iglesia del Nazareno - January 13, 2013

Service at La Puerta Abierta Iglesia del Nazareno – January 13, 2013

Another interesting thing is that this week’s topic was about fasting. It is not a very popular topic in most Christian circles and is a spiritual discipline that, when practiced, can bring fruit and victory in radical ways. The devil didn’t want people to hear about fasting and how powerful it is when combined with prayer. In spite of that, the Spirit was very present and God moved in amazing ways.

I often get frustrated at people for offering their excuses for not coming. Last night, I fell victim to being influenced by those same excuses, as I let them reduce my expectation of what God wanted to do. Lord, help me to not be guided by human reasons and excuses, but rather by your Spirit.


Following the Peace


What did you learn last week?  What is the Lord doing in your life?