For those of you who didn’t see our announcement earlier in the week, we’ve had a change in plans. Instead of staying on in Córdoba for another two years, our family will be returning to Northwest Arkansas.  It’s time for us to shift gears and enter into a new season. […]

Update on the Stringers’ Return to NWA

It is hard to believe that we have been in Córdoba, Argentina for well over a year now.  So much has happened in that time.  The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to care for our third team of church-planting missionaries in three countries as we continue serving with Extreme […]

2017 is Coming and So Is a New Role for ...

Wrapping up this celebration of 10 Years of Extreme, we have to focus on SUCH a key part of how God is working in Extreme: YOU! Thank you so much for being faithful to love, to give, to serve alongside and to pray for how God is working through Extreme. […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Thank you!!! (Day 10)

As we near the end of the 10for10 videos celebrating Extreme’s 10 year anniversary, the focus shifts to our newest church plant in Manta, Ecuador. When we went to help with Extreme’s booths at NYC in July of last year, the team was praying specifically that we would find the […]

Extreme 10for10: Manta Church Plant (Day 9)

Today’s 10for10 video focuses on the church planting team in Antofagasta.  They are our sister church on the ConoSur Field.  We briefly crossed paths with this team in July of 2015 while we were in Ecuador. They are truly resilient and dedicated to the work of growing a community of […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Team Antofagasta (Day 8)

Extreme Nazarene Missions exists to send and support our 40/40 Church Planting missionaries.  For some, that means that they don’t get to work on a daily basis with them. Each position that Anndee and I have held within Extreme over the past five years have all been in the realm […]

Extreme 10 for 10: More Than 40 40/40s! (Day 7)

The first five videos in the 10for10 campaign to celebrate 10 years of Extreme Nazarene Missions have been a great trip down memory lane for us and a look towards our future as part of the admin team for the Southern Cone Field. But today’s video…it’s where God has brought our […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Córdoba! Our home! (Day 6)

The city of Ibarra, Ecuador will always have a place in the hearts, minds, and prayers of the Stringer family.  Anndee and I had the honor of leading four different short-term teams in Ibarra, two in 2014 and two in 2015. Those teams in 2014 provided momentum and lasting impact […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Ibarra, Ecuador (Day 5)

In today’s 10 for 10 video, celebrating Extreme Nazarene Missions’ ten years of service, the focus is on our administrative team.  Our admin team works to provide a foundation of logistics, finance, well-being, mobilization, short term trips, construction and more, so the church planting teams can truly focus on the mission of growing […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Admin and the Stringers’ Future (Day ...

Today’s 10 for 10 video tells the story of Ambato, Ecuador, Extreme Nazarene Missions’ second church plant using the whole-team urban church plant model.  (To learn about the first church using the new model, Arequipa, see yesterday’s post.) We first met the Ambato team when they were in training in […]

Extreme 10 for 10: Ambato – Best Laid Plans… (Day ...